Jonathan Miranda, Marcos Oliveira, Gianni Maggio - Kristen Bjorn (1920 x 1080p 1.14 Gb)



Jonathan Miranda is looking for a wild time and invites two of his fuck buddies over, Marcos Oliveira and Gianni Maggio for an intimate mnage a trois. As the men strip down, each displays the magnificence of their huge cocks. It takes two to handle Gianni’s monster cock and Marcos and Jonathan work their mouths up and down his lengthy cock shaft. Each takes his turn and sucking on his cock and then both mouths in unison. Jonathan is hungry and positions himself so that Marcos can slip his long cock into his raw ass as Gianni continues to feed him his succulent cock. Jonathan’s hunger drives him to open his ass and mouth at the same time in order to accommodate his fuck buddies assault upon him. Marcos’ cock has expanded to full capacity with the sensation of Jonathan’s ass sucking him in deeper. Unable to withhold any longer, Marcos erupts on and in Jonathan’s hot ass. Gianni positions Marcos and Jonathan ass to ass as he comes in from atop and begins fucking one then the other. Gianni’s massive cock looks amazing as it penetrates first Jonathan’s brown berry hole and then over to Marcos’ pink, raspberry hole. Gianni dips his cock in and out of both asses as Jonathan and Marcos work to keep their asses open for the monster invasion. The guys switch it up and this time Jonathan and Gianni are cock to cock as Marcos comes in from above and lowers his pink ass onto both cocks at the same time. The talent in this mnage a trois is astounding with the size of each man’s cock and each hungry hole that needs attention. Marcos works his ass up and down both monstrous cock shafts as each man rides the high of this impressive fuck. As the intensity builds, so does the hot loads of cum that are boiling over and awaiting their release. Marcos pops off and Jonathan grabs his and Gianni’s cock and strokes out Gianni’s huge load first, that amply coats Marcos’ white ass. Jonathan rises up and showers his hot load of cum all over Marcos’ ass as well as Gianni’s throbbing cock. This encounter is why the term Mnage a Trois was invented.

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Pornstars : Jonathan Miranda, Marcos Oliveira, Gianni Maggio

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Jonathan Miranda, Marcos Oliveira, Gianni Maggio - Kristen Bjorn (1920 x 1080p 1.14 Gb)